Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Craw's list of random things. - a bunch of really good games for cheap (like for about 6$ you can get all of these) and most of them are Mac/Linux compatible as well... if you're one of those people. Also, most of these, except maybe Strike Suit, run on the shittiest of netbooks/tablets.

A bunch of game of the year awards:

My short list of games worth checking out that nobody seems to have heard about or care about and some of my favorites thrown in:

Super Hexagon (technically a 2012 game but pretty ridiculous)
Skulls of the Shogun
Baldur's Gate EE
XCOM Enemy Within
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (80's + insanity + developers who get it = brilliant albeit short game)
Fez (I played this last year on Xbox but the PC port is probably better)
Might and Magic Clash Of Heroes (also an older game but finally got ported to ios and Droid)
Civ V Brave New World - Finally fixes most of the issues with Civ V.
Papers Please (mostly because of how subversive this game can be)
Divekick (basically breaks down fighting games to its most basic components. There are no combos to master here, just 2 buttons and a whole lot of strategy and twitchiness, enough to really nail the fighting game meta without getting bogged down in the minutia of games like SF or MK)
KOF XIII and Skullgirls once they finally made it to steam - this is the flipside of the fighting game coin. There's a lot of minutia here and enough meat to dig into for years on end. These games were finally released on the PC where it turns out people like to play and where the connections are better overall. - card collection game and RPG all in one. Free to play, pretty fun
The Gods Will Be Watching (web based and free) - you and your team are marooned on a planet waiting to be rescued. You have to make hard choices and most of your team will either desert you or die. I don't think there's a way to win this game. Actually, also look up the Ludum Dare competition (which this game competed in). There's a ton of really good free stuff in there.
DayZ - a zombie game where the biggest threat is human nature.
Occulus Rift - I tried this at PAX. Pretty much the future of gaming.
Kickstarter - Because this basically funded most of m favorite things this year, including games.

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