Friday, November 1, 2013

Stop the diversions. Eliminate the disturbances. Repair the fabric of Hatred. Vote Brulé.

I dont buy the tram idea neither. It sounds fucking retarded. I mean we're what, maybe 10 years away from getting electric buses. But thats no reason to vote Joly. Girl's got zero experience. Let her be opposition for a few years and then we'll see. Marcel Coté? I wont vote for an old white man, fuck Cote, I dont care who he is or what he says, fuck the old white man.

And then there' s that 100% français guy, now I'm interested.

I think I'll go with Brulé, we need more french-anglo conflicts in this town, its like everyone's pointing at the arabs, I mean, how can we hate ourselves if we spend all our time hating strangers. There's a fundamental imbalance in the field of hatred in this city, and I think Brulé can adequately reestablish the levels.


Barbarosa said...

I like your thoughts on hatred.

Where did you get the pic?

Dementor said...

My little sister, for whose brilliance I claim entire responsibility, has produced it.

Barbarosa said...

It's pretty damn good.