Sunday, January 20, 2013

Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]

so i saw this thong last night and all i could thinl about was how perfect this would have been to watch with you fuckers. go see it


Barbarosa said...

More elaborate critique please.

Master of the Craw said...

Apparently in the 1940's the Nazis escaped from earth and settled in isolation on the dark side of the moon. The entire time they spent mining Helium 3 and building a gigantic war machine. And then Americans land on the moon and they find out that phones in the 21st century are so powerful that they can provide the computing required for their giant war machines.

It's basically one of those "ridiculous premise" movies. It never takes itself too seriously and it's got plenty of camp. It's not like Dead Snow though as it doesn't really live and breathes by the tropes of the horror (in this case sci fi) genre this one is more straight up nazis acting like the straight men in an absurd world (except for the whole being a Nazi thing)..
There's some pretty hamfisted social commentary but they immediately make fun of themselves so it never overstays its welcome and it really pushes the absurdity of the concept as far as it can go.

Don't expect a masterpiece though.