Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clusterfuck in Montreal

I'm assuming you guys saw this already, I just want your opinions. This one's gruesome: This one has a nice vantage point: I figure everyone should have behaved better. I think the taxi driver is in deep shit, legally speaking. He had many chances to flee and did not and from the balcony video, it really looks like he repeatedly tries to hit the people. I think the judge is going to nail him for not fleeing when he had the chances to. I understand that it must have been a more than frightening situation, not to mention quite confusing and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. I also can't say I wouldn't have done the same. However, such behaviour remains illegal, immoral and unacceptable.

As for the hoodlums involved in this, I don't know what happened to get them so angry (i.e. previous to the start of the videos), but their behaviour is also illegal, immoral and unacceptable. It was also downright stupid and I try to only use the word stupid for darwin award-like situations such as these. 

Cynical moral of the story: Don't fight against steel machines when you only have clothes to protect you.

Real moral of the story: When dealing with violent strangers, fleeing is often times more advisable. You don't know the limits to their sanity and reason.


Dementor said...

The first video cant play, it says its private. I can only see the first frame, which is showing a purple face. Is this how your face looks like when you get run over by a taxi? You turn purple and look like a crook from C.O.P.S?

Dementor said...

Oh, you wanted my opinion. Here it is: Everyone looks equally stupid in this video. I'm actually amazed this sort of shit doesnt happen more often, given the density of stupid assholes running around these days. The kids started it. They had it coming. Judge thinks so too. They should wait for his face to be normal again and charge him a huge fine. Fuckin loser. And yeah, send that cab driver back to Haiti. Damn, I should be a judge.