Monday, October 17, 2011

They're triangulating on this position.

I'm supposed to be studying XSLT for this exam I have next friday.

So I started getting prepared to dive into lesson one and next thing I knew I was stuck in one of those dreaded life threatening, soul squandering "cyber-vortex".

I wanted to share with you the last unexplainable fucked up object of procrastination (UFUOP)that hit and sent me back into reality. I do believe its the voice of the guy at 8:30 that brang me back into the concrete dimension of reality.

Dont worry about me, I'll be starting this studying session as soon as I'm done with finalizing my thorough analysis of the collapse of tower 7.


Karl Hungus said...

Fuck you for making me watch that.

Dementor said...

but did you hear the skizo kid at 8:30?