Saturday, February 12, 2011

The day I became a MMOGamer.

It looks cool as fuck.
Especially if they bring in lego mechanics. Crickey. The possibilities are endless!!


Dementor said...

wait a minute... I always hated legos!

Fuck this.

Dave Todaro said...
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Karl Hungus said...

I always loved legos.

Fuck this.

So much for refining children's fine motor, conceptual, or creative skills. I mean, it's really fucking cool and all, but I doubt a child of any age would spend their time sifting through their virtual legos pieces to see if they fit in order to create something original. I bet you everyone is just going to rely on the presets.

Cool idea, but not with lego.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

You kidding me? Having access to all possible pieces? It's a Lego dream come true! What I find shitty is that they made an MMO out of it. Just make it about building and sharing. The rest is just filler that takes focus away from the crucial appeal of Lego.

So yeah, fuck this.

Dementor said...

Let us not judge recklessly.

I shall try it for a month and give you my critique. I will do this in may.
Twas about time I tried a MMOG, and the lifestyle that comes with it.
I was waiting for the star wars one, but its taking forever. Lego it will be.