Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two things

One, apparently youtube reads my mind:

It speaks to my frustration over the coverage of not only the entire situation but also everything surrounding the Israel and Palestine conflict and how news media (other than BBC which seems to have been somewhat frequently critical of Israel but even then) has portrayed the entire thing.

As for favorite places:

The old port in the morning (I know, I'm going 4D on this) before any of the tourists show up. It's quiet, you get to enjoy the scenery and the lighting is absolutely amazing. When I worked in the old port I used to go out of my way to ride my bike through there in the morning.

The industrial sector near Ubisoft. I love biking or walking around that place though not so much now that it's a big condo farm but back then I used to get this creeping sense of dread whenever I passed by there. In some places it was actually uncharacteristically cold and I could imagine that was because those places were haunted. I actually really like old abandoned warehouses for that same reason.

I don't have a third place I really like. Pretty much anywhere that's bike accessible I'm happy. I like that Montreal, at least architecturally, changes a lot. I hate going through most of downtown because it feels so generic but I enjoy the mcgill campus (minus the assholes) as much as I enjoy finding those small winding bike paths that seem to go through wooded areas only to reappear in the middle of civilization. I love those winding roads up on the hills through Westmount and Outremont. I even like biking around the big O.


Barbarosa said...

more balanced viewpoint, yet still biased according to our beliefs

Master of the Craw said...

The economist usually hits the nail on the head. this is no exception.
The issues isn't arab and jewish coverage though. As it was pointed out it will largely depend on how the event is portrayed in the USA. and so far the american media has been fairly uncritical.