Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jack the Ripper, indeed!

Jesus H. Christ!

I was procrastinating on the net and doing some personal scientific research on serial killers when I stumbled upon this interesting site...

Now now, don't cry out of outrage and accuse me of trying to shock you, people, I'm just doing this in the interest of science. Those were pictures taken by men of science, mind you.
So, if you don't have the guts to review all the listed photos, you should at least take a glimpse at old Jack the Ripper's victims. They're easier on the stomach, since they were taken more then a century ago.
His name will probably make more sense once you've seen them.

There's also a neat one of a decomposed Gacy victims skull, I thought I should mention.
Anyhow, have a nice weekend, buddies, and stay away from fat clowns, and/or dark alleys.


Karl Hungus said...

Thanks man!

Karl Hungus said...

... but seriously. Holy shit. These people aren't just crazy and violent, they are completely insane. Jeffrey Dahmer is fucking nut. I don't know if seeing those photos was a good idea.

Horrible people.